Lehigh Valley Therapy Inc.

Home Health Agency and Professional Therapy Services

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing home health care services so you can enjoy life and recuperate in comfort.

At Lehigh Valley Therapy we believe a patient responds best in a comfortable of their home.  We believe this so much that our entire business is based on delivering our services to you.   There are a few reasons why home care is more effective form many than traditional outpatient services.
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  2. Transportation- Lets face it people need therapy because they are injured or in a state that they need help with day to day activities. As such many patients have difficulty getting to outpatient facilities. In fact some patients have stated “by the time I get to the place I am so tired I cannot do the exercises” This is where we come in. We will bring the expertise and equipment to you.
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  4. Scheduling- One of the most important factors in recovery from an injury or illness is consistent treatment. For many patients transportation to and from clinics is difficult. By performing our services in your home we can guarantee consistent therapy, eliminating transportation difficulties.
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  6. Real World Treatment - therapy services in your home is not just a convenience there is a benefit in tailoring therapy to meet your needs. For example a persons needs are based on their life not machines and charts. Via the home environment our therapist and health professionals can tune the therapy for your specific needs and lifestyle.
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  8. Hazard Awareness - one of the unfortunate parts of the healing process is as a patient starts to feel better they can become injured again. By performing our services in your home we can assess your living environment for hazard. Teach you safe ways to avoid re-injury and still live how you want to.
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  10. Home/living environment improvement - During our visits we can assess the home for areas of improvement to make it a safer and more comfortable environment for you during your recuperation and beyond.