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Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy services are provided for conditions in which the patient strength, mobility, or coordination interferes with the activities of daily living. The goal of therapy is to assist the patient to become as independent in their own care as is possible. Our therapists work under the orders of the patient’s physician.

Treatments provided may include:

  • Therapeutic exercises to improve strength, joint range of motion, balance, endurance and general reconditioning
  • Ultrasound treatments
  • Heat packs, and ice packs
  • Therapeutic Treatment (Muscle Stimulation, TENS)
  • Prescribing individualized home exercise programs
  • Home safety and fall prevention evaluation
  • Bed mobility and transfer training, to allow patients to move about their environment as freely as possible
  • Ordering necessary medical devices or equipment
  • Massage to decrease pain, muscle spasm, and/or edema, and improve flexibility
  • Educating patients about their diagnosis and prognosis
  • Instructing family and caregivers techniques and skills to better provide for the patient while allowing the patient to remain as independent as possible

All treatments are designed with one goal, to helping the patient improve their quality of life and independence.